Disinfection Process

A safety you can sense

Keep your employees, family, and guests safe from COVID-19 and other illnesses Our disinfection procedures were designed to target hot spots in your business where germs are most prevalent. These areas are generally where cross-contamination occurs and where people can pass germs from one person to another.

Tackling the hotspots

During your initial meeting, we will inspect your business, looking for potential hotspots. A hotspot is defined as an area or item that is in constant use and prone to harbour germs such as those responsible for the flu, common colds, and Coronavirus.

Hotspots include:

  • Doorknobs and handles
  • Toilet flush handles
  • Computer keyboards
  • Copiers
  • Light switches
  • Telephones
  • Breakroom appliances
  • Elevator buttons

The list could be extensive as needed and customizable to include all items you think your employees and customers touch regularly. 

Conquering hard to reach areas

At Relax! We Clean we are committed for the safety of our customers during this crisis time of COVID-19. We know our clients face the challenge of ensuring a safe and healthy space for their customers and employees, therefore, we recommend that regular cleaning, disinfection and sanitisation are the bests options to prevent it accordingly. Up to date best practices around COVID-19  and many other illnesses are provided to ensure an effective disinfecting methods to use.

Now is the time for a clean start

  1. All our cleaners have completed the online eLearning course provided by The Australian Government, Department of Health – Infectious Control training – Covid-19
  2. Our cleaners are all equipped with the correct cleaning chemicals and equipment to cope with these cleaning demands
  3. We will continue to clean for our clients whilst following the Australian Government guidelines put in place
  4. We can supply all consumable products at this time including toilet paper, hand towels and soap
  5. All cleaners are equipped with the correct personal protective equipment
  6. Call us with any questions you have regarding cleaning at this time

  Contact us today for your commercial cleaning quote or book a visit – 0404 919 000

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  • Steam Cleaning

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  • Warehouse

  • Clinic

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  • Retail

Got questions? Check out our FAQs

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Disinfection Process

FAQs - Disinfection Process

The COVID disinfection cleaning service includes a complete cleaning and disinfection of your place to remove any kinds of viruses and bacteria. We can perform this cleaning on a regular, weekly or one-time basis, as per your needs and preference.

Cleaning and disinfecting are two different processes:

  • Cleaning means physically removing germs, dirt and organic matter from surfaces.
  • Disinfecting means using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces. It’s important to clean before disinfecting because organic matter and dirt can reduce the ability of disinfectants to kill germs.

A combination of cleaning and disinfection will be most effective in removing the COVID-19 virus. Cleaning reduces the soil load on the surface, allowing the disinfectant to work and kill the COVID-19 virus. Disinfectant may not kill the virus if the surface has not been cleaned with a detergent first.

According to Safe Work Australia, workplaces should clean surfaces at least daily. Special attention should be given to frequently touched surfaces (e.g. tabletops, door handles, light switches, desks, toilets, taps, TV remotes, kitchen surfaces and cupboard handles). Ideally, once clean, surfaces should also be disinfected regularly. Alternatively, you may be able to do a 2-in-1 clean and disinfection by using a combined detergent and disinfectant.

Any surfaces that are frequently touched should be prioritised for cleaning and disinfection. These include tabletops, counters, door handles, light switches, elevator buttons, desks, toilets, taps, TV remotes, kitchen surfaces and cupboard handles, phones, EFTPOS machines and workplace amenities.. You should also prioritise cleaning and disinfecting surfaces which are visibly soiled (dirty) and which are used by multiple people (e.g. trolleys, checkouts, EFTPOS machines).

  • Gloves are wear when cleaning and they are discarded after each clean.
  • Thoroughly clean surfaces using detergent and water.
  • When disinfection is needed, first the surface is cleaned using detergent and then a disinfectant is applied or sometimes a combined detergent and disinfectant is used..
  • Disinfectant is left on the surface for the period of time to kill any possible virus.

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