Restaurant Cleaning Services

Deliver your employees the best work conditions THROUGH A CLEAN & DISINFECTED ENVIRONMENT

A clean, healthy, and disinfected workplace is a must especially during these times — that’s why you should never compromise when it comes to your commercial cleaning services. 

Relax! We Clean offers unrivaled commercial cleaning services for businesses of all types and sizes. Backed by over 5 years of experience, our managers have a thorough understanding of your unique needs and will customise our services to fit what you’re looking for.

By delegating your cleaning to our agency, you can trust that you’ll receive the most thorough, detailed services available.

Remember! employees who work in clean and disinfected workspaces are often more motivated and far less likely to get sick. Comprehensive cleanings also show your employees and customers alike that you care about their health and well-being.

Why You Should Chose Us

Tailored Solutions

Each restaurant space is different from the next and their cleaning schedules should follow suit. Many companies treat commercial properties with a one-size-fits-all approach. Relax! We Clean understands that every area of your property has unique needs. We’ll give every space the attention it deserves customizing your cleaning based on your priorities, size and  schedule.

Budget-Friendly Services

No two properties are the same, so no two cleaning plans should be, either. We offer flexibility to accommodate your needs and  budget working with you to find the perfect plan that will accomplish your goals and exceed your expectations.

Prevent Germs Exposure

High-traffic businesses tend to risk high germ exposure, and small workplaces with close quarters can have similar problems. Regardless of your property size, you need to take a preventative/proactive approach to disinfection. Relax! We Clean targets all key areas using measures that help prevent germs, so you and your employees stay healthy.

Other reasons to Outsource the Cleaning of Your Restaurant

    • We have the tools, technology, and advanced processes necessary for thorough cleaning and disinfection.
    • Provide a team of professionals who are fully insured and bonded.
    • Direct comunication with our managers to assit you with any requirement.

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Is time an issue for you?
Not a problem at all!

Just choose one of our popular options and we'll start from there


2 hours

Great for quick cleanings in smaller restaurants. Typically used to clean up coffee mugs and dishes, wash a bathroom, and clean the floors.


2.5 hours

Deeper cleanings in smaller restaurants in which multiple bathrooms, floors, and a kitchenette are require to be cleaned.


3 hours

Suitable for most restaurants that have additional meetinig areas, two floors, multiple bathrooms, reception areas.


4 hours

Our largest fixed cleaning targets restaurants that have aditional requiremets according to their needs. Regular events, extra trasks, or just large spaces.

As a Recurring Service, Relax! We Clean Keeps Your Restaurant Consistently Clean

If you are looking for a larger or custom service, please book an obligation-free visit. 

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